About Aurelio

Aurelio has always had a passion for percussion. Starting to play the drums when he was just a teenager, he soon realised he wanted to make his passion his profession and so started the journey of perfecting his art of drums & waterdrums. He is often asked to play alongside DJ’s at events, but enjoys nothing more than playing with his friends Ryan, Quike & Robert in Who Killed the DJ.

Aurelio is one of the most popular percussionists in the world and has played alongside of many national and international professional artists such as Raimundo Amador, Danza Invisible, Manolo Tena and Gary Moore.

Aurelio knows how difficult it is to play the drums and waterdrums alongside a DJ, but his performance always manages to amaze everyone in the room for his improvisation and energy during any event.


Aurelio really makes a statement at any wedding. His rhythm and timing are second to none and he is known to wow even the toughest crowds with his incredible beats


If you are really looking to make a difference with your corporate event, then Who Killed the DJ including Aurelio will definitely put a stamp of this years corporate incentive!


Who Killed the DJ is often booked for international concerts, house parties and festivals. The band’s dynamic energy sets and creates an electric atmosphere that leaves audiences buzzing well after the night is over.


Aurelio is guaranteed to liven up your event regardless if its an intimate family event or corporate event with hundreds of invited guests. Aurelios energy and enthusiasm is endless and he is known to spice up even the most difficult events!


Aurelio was born and raised in Málaga, Spain, and developed a love for percussion at an early age using any surface he could find as personal drum kit! He studied his profession in Madrid and has over 25 years of experience in his profession.Aurelio was soon discovered by important figures in the music industry and was invited to tour with famous Spanish band Danza Invisible and asked to play alongside of Manolo Tena, Raimundo Amador and international artist Gary Moore.

Aurelio is often seen at large events and festivals and his largest audience was 70,000 people. He has played for over 500 weddings and over 700 events. His instrument is unique and original and he has created his own set with its own sound effects along with LED and water effects which can’t be found elsewhere in combination with a DJ, Sax & Violin.

Aurelio is a sought after percussionist and is often seen at famous clubs including Nikki Beach, Cafe del Mar, Puro Beach, Pacha, Amnesia, Cavalli and more.

Aurelio loves performing for weddings not just because of the fantastic energy you get at weddings but being part of this important union of 2 people on their wedding day and the pure happiness the guests give doesn’t beat anything!

The fusion of real instruments paired with the electronic sounds of the DJ are a unique and amazing experience that can blow up any dancefloor when Aurelio is around.

Favorite Wedding Song

“Feel so Close”

Largest Audience

“70.000 people at a Concert”

Who is Aurelio’s idol

“I LOVE Steve Wonder!”