About Robert

Robert Cantero is considered one of the most sought after sax players worldwide. After being introduced to the saxophone at the tender age of just 12 years, he has developed a love for the instrument not many people can understand. He lives for his sax and knows his instrument inside out.

Having studied the fine art of professional sax playing for oevr 20 years, Robert recons he is still learning and amazes many a crowd with his incredible talent.

Having played with and for many big names in the showbiz world, including touring with the famous Spanish bands Danza Invisible and Chambao he also toured the world with the likes of Ricky Martin as his opening act with the band Chambao.

Who Killed the DJ would not be complete without Robert’s stunning saxophone repertoire. His ability to play not just the sax but also the clarinet and the flute giving his performance the absolute edge and making the crowds go wild.

His instrument allows him to play from any point in the room and Robert is often seen jumping away with the invited guests on the dance floor really making his instrument part of the celebration.


How better to start your wedding ceremony than with the soothing sounds of a perfectly performed saxophone interlude. Imagine the wonderful sounds as you walk down the aisle, Robert can deliver that and make your ceremony the most beautiful you have ever experienced.


Enjoy the aoothing sounds of Robert’s sax during your wedding reception. Booking the Gold Who Killed the DJ package, Robert will perform during your reception to your guests while you take pictures.


Who Killed the DJ is often booked for international concerts, house parties and festivals. The band’s dynamic energy sets and creates an electric atmosphere that leaves audiences buzzing well after the night is over.


Regardless of the size of your event, Robert will make sure every one of your guests is entertained and amazed by the seamless combination of the Sax with the DJ.


Robert Cantero is a professional sax player born in Spain. He has performed for and with many big names in the showbiz industry including having been on tour with the famous Spanish band Danza Invisible, and in the opening programs of Ricky martin’s world tour alongside the band Chambao. Robert stars in many recordings from famous artists and had the privilege to play alongside of Carles Benavent (Paco’s de Lucia Bass player) and Tomatito (world famous Flamenco dancer). With such a diverse background, it isn’t hard to see why Robert Cantero is one of the most sought after sax players in the world.

Having studied the sax for over 20 years, Robert claims he is “still learning every day” and loves discovering new tunes and repertoires. He has played the sax since he was only a child and has also mastered the flute and clarinet which is part of his repertoire. He often plays at large events, the largest being a festival in Mexico for over 40.000 people.

Roberto is often asked to perform at some of the worlds most famous clubs including the Coco Club in London, Olivia Valaire & Nikki Beach in Marbella and is often found at different clubs and festivals in Berlin, Sofia, Milan, Ibiza, France, Buenos Aires, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Miami.

Robert can’t exactly remember how many weddings he’s performed at, but they are more than 400 for sure! He loves weddings as people want to dance on that special day and they always love his performances which gives him so much satisfaction for the hard work he does.

Roberto loves Who Killed the DJ because in this band are the best musicians and DJ you can find and all of them are connected by playing music all at the same time. There are not many bands out there who dan do this and deliver this spectacular show.

Robert’s first
dance choise

“If I Ain’t got you from Alicia Keys, definitely!”

Robert’s idol

“Michael brecker, the New York Saxophonist without a doubt!”

Why He loves

“WKTDJ gives many hours of non stop top notch entertainment with professional and qualified musicians that really make an efford to make your party a success!”